Sacramento, California: Home to One Michelin-Starred Restaurant

The Michelin Guide is one of the most prestigious and difficult to achieve classification systems in the culinary world. Anonymous Michelin critics rate restaurants based on their quality and excellence, and Sacramento, California is proud to have one restaurant with a Michelin star. The Kitchen is the only restaurant in the Sacramento area to receive this honor. The Kitchen offers THE BEST dining experience in Sacramento according to Michelin.

Two restaurants in Sacramento currently have a Michelin star, but the publisher still found several other establishments in the city that stood out and deserved to be included in the guide. Being recognized and respected by the MICHELIN Guide is an honor unparalleled in the restaurant world, and all the chefs and restaurateurs included in the California guide should be proud to fuel the passions of both Californians and visitors. On Monday, a restaurant in downtown Sacramento won one of the highest distinctions in the Michelin Guide and the culinary scene. The first issue of the Michelin Guide was published in 1920 at a cost of seven francs and, at that time, it included hotels and restaurants in Paris for the first time.